Friday, March 27, 2009



“What Dating Really, Really is all About!”

I know you’re lonely so I’ve decided you need some help so you are going to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from me about women.

How to talk to them.

How to date them.

And even how to eventually get one to marry you.

I’m sure your girl friends say that you are kind of cute but that you sure are so awkward around them. You blush and stutter around and act like you would rather be having a root canal than having to try to carry on a civilized conversation with them. As soon as they say, “hello”, you are looking longingly at the nearest exit.

When you decide to date women after I have taught you everything you need to know to get them to date you, I am NOT to be held responsible. I DON’T want you breaking their hearts and I certainly DON’T want them to break yours.
That’s true and, frankly, there are a couple of them that I think would make a great sister-in-law. Now understand that there’s no rush, only a “someday”. And if that “someday” is ever going to happen, though, I have got to get you out there dating.

Oh, one more thing before I begin: I will be revealing some secrets about women to you that I bet you didn’t know before you read this book. And promise me - you are NOT to share these with your buddies. You don’t need the competition and I don’t need to be black listed among those of my gender who do hold some secrets near and dear to their hearts.

If after you begin dating, have dated several different women and every relationship seems to end after only a short time, it’s time for you to do a reality check. There are certain behaviors that turn women off in a hurry and you need to make certain that you aren’t doing any of them.

1. Clingy and needy behavior will send a woman running for the nearest exit. If you send out signals to the woman that without her you will perish, since you feel so very insecure, it is surely going to put her off. Like calling her a million times, feeling envious of her friends, resenting all or anything that she does with anyone else other than you, are behaviors which completely thwart a woman’s sense of freedom and she will vanish at the first available opportunity.

2. Being too pushy will send a woman scurrying for cover. If you are like a bulldozer, just flattening every obstacle that stands between you and what you want, a woman will be afraid of you and she won’t want to be with you.

3. If you are a bragger and a boaster, she will dump you in a heart beat. Women truly hate this. She might be temporarily impressed with your bravado, but with your continuous narration of “I” stories – she will surely get bored. And most of all, don’t you think you should hold her interest by giving out details part by part and not the whole thing in one sitting?

4. Displaying a violent temper is a behavior that women find frightening. A controlled behavior is the sign or a refined person. A woman can not have faith in someone who loses his temper or blows up frequently. She will be in awe of you but you can not win her confidence.

5. Being indecisive and passive is a big turn off for women. Women feel very secure when her man is able to make prompt decisions, stick to his decisions and when he displays other leadership qualities. You will be giving out the signal of being in control of situations, being able to provide for her.

6. Don’t be tight fisted and stingy. This doesn’t mean that you shower her with expensive gifts all the time, but if on a date or in a restaurant…be prepared to foot the bill. Chivalry still pays.

7. Don’t behave defensively. If for some reason, you find the woman is in a foul mood, don’t act defensive and think her bad mood is your fault. Be sympathetic, understanding and listen to what she has to say.

8. Appear to be relaxed and at ease with yourself. Women find it a pleasure to be with a relaxed, calm and behaviorally controlled man. Practice the art of self-discipline.

9. Don’t try to hard. When you look like the proverbial the eager-beaver, desperate to please, she starts to get wary and skeptical.

10. Don’t have sex on the brain. It is perfectly alright to have sex in your mind. It is natural and women have that thought too. But if you approach her with this as the sole agenda of meeting her, she will run for her life, and you will not even get a second chance.

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